Council & Committees

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Bermuda (CPA Bermuda) board and executive committee members.


  • Francine Mason, CPA,CA, Chair
  • Philip Burrill, CPA,CA, Deputy Chair
  • Robert Mason CPA,CMA,Treasurer
  • Glenn Johnson, FCPA, FCGA
  • Shanna Lespere, CPA, CMA
  • David Gibbons, CPA, CA
  • Michael Newton, CPA, CA
  • Jennifer Robinson,CPA,CA
  • Marco Bortoli, CPA,CA
  • Mark Baumgartner, CPA, CA
  • Jonathan Howes, CPA,CA
  • Tod Kearns, CPA,CA
  • John Hindness, Public Representative


Applications Review Committee (ARC)

  • David Gibbons, CPA,CA, Chair
  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA, CA, ex-officio

The Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for CPAB membership and recommending the acceptance or non-acceptance for approval of such applications by the Council.

Nominating Committee (NC)

  • David F. Skinner, CPA,CA
  • Colm Homan, CPA, CA
  • Samantha Froud, CPA, CA
  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA,CA, ex-officio

The Committee is responsible for the recommending to the Executive Committee members to fill positions and undertake responsibilities within the Institute, or be the Institute's nominees in other bodies and organizations, including the CICA, ASCA and inter-provincial institute committees.

Professional Development Committee (CPD)

  • Jennifer D. Gosse, CPA,CA
  • Gail Raynor, PMP ex-officio
  • Annarita Marion, JP, FCPA, CA ex-officio

The CPA Bermuda Professional Development (CPD) Committee develops and maintains a comprehensive continuing education program to assist members to maintain and enhance their knowledge and improve their skills. The committee is also responsible for monitoring members’ annual CPD submissions and ensuring compliance. The CPD committee reports to Council.
Suggestions for course offerings are always welcome. Please feel free to contact the office at or

If you are interested in becoming an instructor please forward your resume and cover letter to Gail Raynor by email at Your cover letter should include the courses or programs in your area of expertise. Alternatively,you can send a link of your material to the above-noted email address.

Professional Practice Committee (PPC)

  • Philip Burrill, CPA, CA, Chair 
  • Darren Greenway, CPA, CA  
  • John Donohue, CPA, CA   
  • Gwen Haller, CPA, CA 
  • Mark Baumgartner, CPA, CA 
  • Ronald E. Simmons, CPA, CA
  • Colin Couper, CPA, CA
  • James Berry, CPA, CA
  • Michael Newton, CPA, CA

The work of this Committee is of an ad hoc nature and meets to discuss issues relating to the practice of the CA profession in Bermuda.

Public Awareness Committee (PAC)

  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA, CA, President & CEO Ex-officio

The Committee is responsible for all matters concerning public awareness and communication programs of the Institute. Activities include organising events of the Institute, such as member networking events, Convocation, and arranging publicity to be given to the local news media.. PAC is dedicated to encouraging as many local students as possible to consider accounting as a career. To achieve this PAC organises visits to secondary schools to speak both with counselors and students about the accounting profession and participates in business and educational career exhibitions. It also conducts an annual Outstanding Student Award Program in which students receive award presentations at student graduation ceremonies.

Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

  • Marco Bortoli, CPA, CA, Chair
  • Jennifer Gosse, CPA, CA, Secretary
  • Shanna Lespere, CPA, CA
  • Wanda Armstrong
  • Ramanjit Cheema, CPA, CA
  • Risa Hunter
  • Estina Francis, CPA, CA
  • Craig Redcliffe, CPA, CA
  • Marcia Malpas
  • Jozelle Escolastica, CPA, CA
  • Nancy Simpson
  • Alex Whittaker, CPA, CA
  • Heldar Carreiro, CPA, CA
  • Lakea Dill,
  • Melissa Logie, CPA, CA
  • Colina Outerbridge
  • Danielle Richards
  • Gladwina O’Mara
  • Wesley Trott, CPA, CA
  • Annarita Marion, JP, FCPA, CA, Ex-officio

The Committee assists in delivering organized and responsive programs of professional study to its CA students, and assists CPA students.


  • Darren Greenway, CPA,CA, Chair


Legal Aid Committee


Council of Chairs

  • Francine Mason, CPA, CA
  • Philip Burrill, CPA CA

Council of Chief Executives (CCE)

  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA, FCA

International Qualifications Appraisal Board (IQAB)

  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA, CA

Atlantic Region Forum (ARF)

Board of Directors

  • Francine Mason, CPA, CA
  • Philip Burrill, CPA, CA
  • Annarita G. Marion, JP, FCPA, CA

CPA Education Atlantic (Atlantic School of Business) (CPA ASB)

Board of Directors

  • Shanna Lespere, CPA, CMA
  • Jennifer Gosse, CPA, CA

Professional Learning & Development Programme Committee (PLDPC)

  • Gail Raynor, PMP