Student Affairs Committee

The Committee assists in delivering organized and responsive programs of professional study to its CPA students, and assists CPA students in achieving their designation.

Members of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) are listed below. If you are interested in joining the SAC, please email 
  • Jennifer Gosse, CPA, CA, Chair
  • Wanda Armstrong
  • Catlin Bean
  • Megan DeShields
  • Lakea Dill
  • Kelly Divuolo
  • Jozelle Escolastica, CPA, CA
  • Hart Freedman, CPA, CA
  • Marcia Malpas
  • Colina Outerbridge
  • Craig Redcliffe, CPA, CA
  • Jamae Smith
  • Wesley Trott, CPA, CA
  • Teree Tucker
  • Alex Whittaker, CPA CA
  • Yvonna Osborne, ACCA
  • Melissa Logie, CPA, CA, ex-officio