Disciplinary Hearings

Decisions, Orders and Reasons in Cases involving Disciplinary Proceedings.

Professional Misconduct

Decisions, orders, settlements and reasons from disciplinary cases are published by CPA Bermuda.

Hearing Process

When the Professional Conduct Committee makes an allegation of professional misconduct, a formal hearing is held in front of a tribunal of the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee's members are appointed by the Council.

At a discipline hearing, witnesses are examined and cross-examined and evidence is presented generally as it would be in a civil trial. After considering all the evidence and submissions, the tribunal makes its decision. If the tribunal finds the subject of the allegation has committed professional misconduct, it hears evidence and submissions as to appropriate sanctions. The tribunal has the power to order a variety of sanctions, including a reprimand, fine, suspension or revocation of membership, specific education, further investigation, and practice restrictions. It may also order its sanctions to be published in the media.

Discipline Case Decisions

Written reasons are a requirement for all discipline cases. Every case in which a finding of professional misconduct was made is included in this site, as well as settlement agreements approved by a discipline tribunal.

CPA Bermuda Decisions