The Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee is a group of appointed volunteers to adjudicate appeals arising from disciplinary hearings.

As with the Professional Conduct Committee and the Discipline Committee, the Appeal Committee consists of volunteer members of CPA Bermuda appointed by the council.

Either the respondent or the Professional Conduct Committee may appeal a decision or order of the Discipline Committee. The appellant can request an appeal on the basis of the transcript of the proceedings before the Discipline Committee and, where it can be demonstrated that there has been a denial of natural justice or a deficiency in the transcript, by way of a hearing de novo. The Appeal Committee has all the powers conferred on the Discipline Committee and, can confirm, reject or amend the decisions and orders of the Discipline Committee. In addition, it may make any order that, in its discretion, the nature of the case or natural justice may require. The decisions and orders of the Appeal Committee are final and binding.

Further Information

For further information about the CPA Bermuda’s disciplinary process contact CPA Bermuda at 441-292-7479 or